Thursday, March 13, 2014

Don't Quote Me Poetry

Slice of Life Challenge, Day 13

It's time for the recycling to be placed on the curb.  Another week of newspapers gathered up with cans and cardboard.  But before I take the bundle outside, I pull open the "Sunday Review" section of the New York Times, and I stumble upon an op-ed article titled "Don't Quote Me On This" in which the writer laments the ease with which we are distracted while reading online. In our rush for efficiency while researching online, we decontextualize ideas by ripping the most quotable moments from their context.  So, I decided to spend a great deal of time with the op-ed article...decontextualizing it.

I love black-out poems.  Using the words of someone else to create a new piece, to craft meaning, is liberating.  It is a moment to get outside of my writing habits, my default topics and manners for crafting meaning, to find inspiration in another's way of making meaning. And so here it is, my black out poem from today:

"Don't Quote Me on This"

We reach for the easy
millions plus one

Steppingstone for thought,
        for my sanity.
Fragment to fragment.
Limitless content.
Precious and
rationed truisms
strip away.

best intentions
brevity and immediacy.
Who shares nuance?

Carry your context
with you
so thoughtfully.

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