Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blogging in Class

I'm covering a class right now. Web Design. Students have just started to explore blogs as a means of writing for an authentic audience, of making connections through their writing.  The students tell me that they have done some researching: looking at other blogs, post types, design ideas.  Today they have logged into WordPress to create their first blog.  Of the fourteen students sitting in this room, no one has blogged before.  "Does Twitter count?"

So what do these novice bloggers think about blogging?

  • "It reminds me a lot of Twitter, just longer."
  • "This is just something I have to do for class."
  • "I feel like blogging could be dangerous because people know what you are doing."
  • "I took this class so I wouldn't get stuck in another gym class, but now that we've started, I'm kind of excited."
So am I.  I try to share all the connections and collaborations that I have made as a result of this blog.  I'm blogging in front of them at this moment, my words looming large on the screen in room 214 to demonstrate just how easy this process is.  I'm going to hit "publish," share this out on Twitter. Can you help me demonstrate how people connect using blogs? Leave a comment to let us know that you are visiting. 

What advice do you have to offer to these novice bloggers?

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