Friday, April 17, 2009

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  • powerlibrary » home
    What it is: POWER Library is a service of Pennsylvania's public libraries, school libraries and the State Library. What it provides: Power Library provides access to thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, and reference materials for people of all ages. Accessing Power Library Power Library is IP-identified and can be accessed directly from anywhere in your school providing that at least one library in your district is part of the ACCESS PA Database. If your public library is an Access PA participant, Power Library can be accessed from home with a library card and assigned PIN.
  • Excellent guide comparing Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Plone | CMS Report
    Idealware is providing online a report on open source content management systems by comparing Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, and Plone. This 60-page independent Idealware report in PDF format provides both an introduction to the topic and a very detailed comparison of the four systems. The report also includes their new directory of the consultants and firms who help nonprofit create websites and implement these Content Management Systems.
  • copyrightconfusion » home
    Copyright and fair use issues are definitely things that concern teachers. Many factors have contributed to the culture of fear and uncertainty -- but now there are resources available that enable educators to feel more confident in their use of copyrighted materials -- including websites, images, movies, news media, advertising, online resources and popular culture -- to build students' critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Teaching About Copyright And Fair Use | Media Education Lab
    Lesson plans and materials to help you teach about copyright and fair use in high school, university or graduate school.
  • Latest Ning Tutorial December
    SlideShare presentation on how to set-up a Ning social network
  • Technology in the Middle » Blog Archive » Get Connected: Social Networks–Ning
    This post, the final of a three-part series about "getting connected" through social networks, will focus on what for many is THE social network: Ning. For those new to Ning and/or the concept of social networking, this short screencast provides a nice overview:
  • How to Create Your Own Social Network on Ning - A Guide to Creating Your Own Social Network
    The popular social networking site Ning allows you to create your own social network. The ability to create your own social network allows you to create a site that is centered on your individual tastes. Want a social network just for keeping in touch with your family? Perhaps you want a social network for your softball league? The choice of what social network you create is up to you.

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