Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Interesting Links

The English Teacher's Companion: Death at the River: Writing the Personal Essay
  • We are in the process of beginning a personal essay about an event, idea, experience, person, or whatever that is of personal interest or importance to them. The details are spelled out on the overview (see below). The video clip shows me working with them to see how to take an underdeveloped piece of writing (Example A in the attachment below) and, using questions, develop it into the more interesting example of Example B). The point in the video is not to watch me ask the questions but to teach them to ask them, and how to use them to improve their writing. They had read an excerpt the night before from Angela's Ashes to examine how writers use sensory details and dialog.
12 Best Google Keywords for Finding Classroom Resources | Making Teachers Nerdy
  • Are you ever overwhelmed with searching for classroom resources? Do you seem to suffer from brain fades as you stare in the Google search engine wondering where to begin? No worries. Today, I’m offering my personal keyword and key phrase arsenal to help you navigate Google in record time and still find the best resources for your students.
The Global Education Collaborative - Helping Teachers and Students Reach the World
  • This is a community for teachers and students interested in global education. Contribute by adding media, conversation, and collaborative project ideas.
Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum 2008: Legacy
  • In April 2008, the Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum, the first of its kind, took place in nine different locations across the country. Hosted by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, the forum used webcast technology to connect 3,000 learners, literacy experts, and delegates from a number of sectors (education, non-profit, business, and labour) at sites in all over Canada. In addition to keynote speakers, each site hosted local presentations and training workshops that covered literacy-related topics from pre-school to adult literacy. To facilitate continued discussion and learning post-forum, much of these materials was recorded and is accessible on this site.
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
  • An overview of Twitter and ways of using it in education for a group of educators attending Twizza (Twitter & pizza) gathering in Perth, Western Australian on April 8, 2009.
NEIUCollaborationDay » LanguageArtsRegistration
  • Northeast Pennsylvania's CFF Wiki Pages

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