Saturday, April 12, 2014

Moments Like This

Moments Like This

Energy runs shoulder to fingertip
When I wrap my arms around her

I gather
This moment in my memory,
Room packed with writers

My heart around her excitement,
The nervous joy of her

Her voice to share
A moment of

I could not stop smiling last night.  Two of my tenth grade students not only have the honor of being published in the current issue of Philadelphia Stories Jr., but they both ventured into Philadelphia last night to read their poems to a packed room of student writers, teachers, family, and friends at Mighty Writers. And as I stood at the back of the room watching them read their poems with poise and confidence, I could not help beam with pride. These are the moments that push me to keep doing what I do, encouraging students to write creatively and to share their work with audiences outside of the classroom.

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