Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Teachers (and Students) Should Know About Facebook Privacy Settings

Did you know that a Google search can pull up photos you post to Facebook? Did you know that college admissions offices are now using services like Pipl to see what potential candidates are posting to social networking sites? Below are links to number of blog posts and websites that go into more detail about what both teachers and students should know when it comes to Facebook's privacy settings. Are you protecting yourself, your images, and your content? You should be.
  • Beyond Social Networking: Building Toward Learning Communities -- THE Journal

    Web 2.0 tools have critically elevated the social networking activity and skills of individuals. Not only are young people highly active in social networks, but older individuals are also showing a huge increase in their use of these tools. The attraction of older age groups is, of course, social connection and community building among professional and casual peers and friends.
  • FACEBOOK FAIL: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster

    The beauty of Facebook’s many features is that now you can choose what you show and to what type of people. By using friend lists and playing with your privacy settings, you can create different views for each segment of your life.
  • Langwitches » Teacher Code of Conduct… Revisited

    I am wondering if there is a necessity to create a guideline or code of conduct how teachers are to present themselves in their private online network places profiles? Does the administration at school or the district have the right (duty) to bring the subject up for discussion and in the end to make rules? Is it their business or not?
  • Facebook in the Classroom

    A good PDF resource for teachers on how to use Facebook with students.
  • Facebook Strategies For The Classroom

    This presentation explores the potential uses of Facebook for teaching and motivating collaboration between students. Issues of privacy and intellectual property will also be covered, as well as advantages and pitfalls of social networks.
  • Facebook Privacy for Teachers « Megan Golding

    I’m a Facebook user AND a teacher. Here’s how I locked down my profile so that I can have a social life and not worry that the world is watching over my shoulder.
  • 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

    All Facebook users should know this.

  • NetSmartz Workshop | Facebook

    A good place to start for talking with students and staff about privacy issues on social networking sites like Facebook.


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