Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's Interesting Links

  • movingforward - Education Blogs by Discipline
    This is a place to list subject-specific, P-12-oriented blogs that are worth sharing with others. Only list really good ones, please!
  • TakingITGlobal - Organizations - Research Journalism Initiative
    The Research Journalism Initiative (RJI) helps American high school students relate personally to international conflict issues by bringing perspectives from regions of conflict directly into their classrooms. RJI is dedicated to developing new tools for students learning about global conflict...
  • By Sarah Fine -- Why I Left Teaching Behind - washingtonpost.com
    Four years later, the question I encounter is equally thorny: Why leave teaching? It's not just a question about how I'll pay my rent. Reformers have big plans to transform failing urban schools, and their work hinges on finding a way to keep strong teachers in the classroom. By throwing in the towel, I have become one more teacher abandoning her students.
  • Flickr: Creative Commons- Free Pictures
    This group is for sharing images to use in your work with a creative commons license
  • Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Creative Commons- Free Pictures pool
  • Looking for a Unique Gift for an Administrator? Give ‘em a PLN! | Nebraska Change Agent
    How exactly do you give a PLN to someone? Several suggestions have been made today, but the one you pick depends on your relationship with your administrator. Instead of signing up for a Twitter account for them I am going to offer to help them set up one up. I will have a profile picture of them ready to go and I will have some suggestions for their biography. I will also show them how to manage and share the information that they find valuable so they can become an asset to their PLN.
  • The LoTi Connection
    This year marks the 15th anniversary of the LoTi Framework. Since its inception in 1994, the LoTi Framework has been used as a statewide technology use survey, a district school improvement model, and a classroom walkthrough tool impacting thousands of schools nationally. Today, the LoTi project has grown beyond classroom technology use and has become synonymous with innovative teaching practices.
  • FRONTLINE: digital nation: blog/news: A chat with Obama's new Secretary of Education | PBS
    I knew that Duncan was a big believer in standardized assessments, but those didn't come up in our conversation. He came off as solidly on the side of those who think that schools need to move with kids instead of against them, and that means using the toys kids love--games and cellphones--to teach them, inside and outside the classroom walls.

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