Friday, July 10, 2009

For Shame!

I've been neglectful. It has been awhile, okay many months, since I've written a real blog post. Instead, I've been content to let my Delicious links clutter my blog, masquerding as an entry. You and I both know I'm not fooling anyone. I've been neglecting my writing.

I started this blog a little over two years ago as a way to reflect on my classroom practices, share my insights and my pitfalls with other teachers. It has been a wonderful tool not only for honing my reflection and writing practices but also for connecting with other teachers around the world. Unfortunately, I've let life's daily distractions pull me away from my writing. Which truly is a shame since reflecting and writing about teaching, education, and technology energizes me. When I get into a daily practice of writing, I have more time. Because writing gives me a focus, I feel more productive in other areas of my life. I get more done. I have more time during the day. So you think this would be a no-brainer - I need to write more. However, once I've fallen off the writing wagon, it is so hard to climb back on. I think this is true of many things - exercise, meditation, eating well - those lifestyle changes that we know we should make, but find it so much easier to indulge in the distractions.

So this is me publicly recommitting myself to writing, to posting actual entries and not merely links. I'm climbing back on the writing wagon. Now if only I could climb back on a few of those other wagons - especially that wagon hauling the treadmill. He's been circling for a while now.

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