Monday, July 13, 2009

Today's Interesting Links

Links for Nings and More!

  • Remote Access: Ning Leaders
    One thing that has been interesting to watch in the first few days of our classroom work with ning is the emergence of a few online leaders.
  • Remote Access: Starting (and Ending) with Ning
    Reflections on using a Ning with students.
  • WNY Education Associates » Summer Projects: Getting Started With Ning
    A number of teachers that I know plan to spend at least a part of this summer getting themselves acquainted with Ning in an effort to extend their own learning opportunities or those of their students. I belong to several networks myself, and although my participation in them tends to wax and wane depending on my schedule, there are several that top my personal favorites list, including the English Companion Ning and Working Together to Make a Difference.
  • Skype an Author Into Your Library or Classroom - Skype An Author Network
    Wouldn't it be great to invite authors into your classroom or library to video chat with students before, during, and/or after you've read their books? We are growing a list of authors who want to make that connection with you. See the alphabetical list in the scrolling author box on the left. Read on to find out just how easy it is!
  • Common Core
    I for one have heard quite enough about the 21st century skills that are sweeping the nation. Now, for the first time, children will be taught to think critically (never heard a word about that in the 20th century, did you?), to work in groups (I remember getting a grade on that very skill when I was in third grade a century ago), to solve problems (a brand new idea in education), and so on.Let me suggest that it is time to be done with this unnecessary conflict about 21st century skills. Let us agree that we need all those forenamed skills, plus lots others, in addition to a deep understanding of history, literature, the arts, geography, civics, the sciences, and foreign languages.

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