Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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  • Special Olympics: Soeren Palumbo
    Soeren Palumbo's courage to say what he believed in front of his entire school was inspired by the love between a brother and sister.
  • Online University Reviews : 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators
    Being a teacher is a difficult and often thankless job. Between lesson plans, unengaged students, and new emerging technologies, teachers need help now more than ever. By visiting the 100 blogs below, they will find answers to all their questions, as well as valuable teaching resources.
  • The Power of Project Learning | Scholastic.com
    Project-based learning can be traced back to John Dewey and it has come and gone since the early 20th century. As a pedagogical method, it often meets resistance since it doesn't fit the skill-and-drill model that typically dominates education. But today, it is enjoying a comeback as cutting-edge schools demonstrate just how effectively it imparts the skills students need in today's workforce.
  • 6 Ways to Publish Your Own Book
    Online self-publishing services have given users the tools they need to create, publish and promote their work. These sites allow authors to bypass the process of finding an agent and pitching to publishing houses, a venture that can take months, if not years. Here are six great sites that will help you publish your work, guaranteeing you a published book that can be sold via different outlets, such as Amazon.
  • The Edurati Review: A Missing Piece of the Professional Development Puzzle
    We often approach professional development without all the pieces in place. We schedule a training event rather than strategizing how to support the changes we want to see in our classrooms. As a result, the training becomes a memory rather than a springboard. A good coach can carry the professional growth from the training event into the classrooms. With coaching, a great training event becomes a launching pad for greater instructional excellence. Why? What does a coach do that aids professional growth?
  • Bedford Bits » Blog Archive » Ten Ways to Use Twitter with Colleagues
    In my last post, I shared Ten How-To Resources that explain how to use Twitter, and if that's not enough, here are thirty more Twitter tutorials. There's no end to the number of Web pages that explain the technical how-tos of using Twitter. You'll also find quite a few sites that explain how companies are using Twitter for marketing, customer support, and more. But how are language arts and college English teachers using Twitter?
  • Photosynth
    Photosynth creates an amazing new experience with nothing more than a bunch of photos. Creating a synth allows you to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world.
  • ISTE Classroom Observation Tool
    The ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT®) is a FREE online tool that provides a set of questions to guide classroom observations of a number of key components of technology integration.
  • Skype Other Classrooms! | The Edublogger
    This page has been set up to help you make connections with classes in other countries who are interesting in having Skype conversations with other classes. You can contact each person by clicking on their name.
  • TECSIG TV on USTREAM: Live from the TECSIG meeting in Austin Texas. TecSig is the Technology Directors Special Interest Group of the Texas Computer Education
    Will Richardson talks about making connections through RSS feeds. Live from the TECSIG meeting in Austin Texas. TecSig is the Technology Directors Special Interest Group of the Texas Computer Education Association.
  • tecsigmay2009 / FrontPage
    Will Richardson's presentation on RSS feeds.

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