Sunday, May 3, 2009

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  • XHTML live chat based on the XMLHttpRequest Object
    This chat tool has been refined for purposes of collaborative and conversational learning. You are here not only to learn, but to share and teach. Each participant is asked to pose questions, comments, and additional ideas and resources. The transcript of this chat canl be transferred into a wiki page where participants and presenter will be able to continue the conversation by inserting additional content -- growing a document of learning and exploration. Knitter is an experiment in the use of backchanneling in instructional settings. It was developed by David Warlick, using opensource code created by Alexander Kohihofer. Knitter may be released in the future of a limited number of educators. Please stay tuned here and David Warlick's blog, 2¢ Worth.
  • Best Embeds for Educational Wikis and Blogs | Making Teachers Nerdy
    Now that you and/or your students are using wikis and blogs, are you curious what could be added to them? From animated slideshows to collaborative documents to interactive review games, many great (and free) tools are available. As a follow up to my previous post "What Teachers Should and Should Not Be Posting on their Classroom Webpages", I've pulled a master list of embedding options that will hopefully spark your imagination.
  • eduwikius - home
    Welcome to the Project - Dedicated to Building a Better Learning Community A wealthy of resources with subject specific wiki pages full of ideas and lesson plans.
  • Education - How to Write Timed Essays That aren't Crap
    Nowhere does it exist except in classrooms, AP exams, and SATs. Most horribly, students get the idea that this mechanical form is good essay writing generally, even for take-home papers. To me, it's the job of the high school teacher to unteach the mechanical form, and grow students into the organic approach.
  • Training Resources & Links - Twitter for Teachers
    A collaborate effort to teach teachers about Twitter
  • FACEBOOK FAIL: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster
    The beauty of Facebook's many features is that now you can choose what you show and to what type of people. By using friend lists and playing with your privacy settings, you can create different views for each segment of your life.
  • Powerful Learning Practice, LLC
    Powerful Learning Practice offers a unique opportunity for educators to participate in a long-term, job-embedded professional development program that immerses them in 21st Century learning environments. The PLP model is currently enabling hundreds of educators around the country to experience the transformative potential of social Web tools to build global learning communities and re-envision their own personal learning practice.
  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 122 For You: Cool Cat Teacher's Favorite Apps, Software, and Sites
    A wonderful collection of applications and sites organized by type and annotated.
  • Personal Learning Networks Adoption Within Schools: Impact on Learning & Challenges Faced
    Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) when used effectively extend our learning, increases our reflection while enabling us to learn together as part of a global community. Unfortunately it's hard to make people new to social networking appreciate the importance of developing a PLN because they need to experience its impact themselves. This is a wonderful archived session.

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