Friday, April 25, 2014

Poetry in Small Moments

Throughout the month of April, I've been participating with a wonderful group of teachers in the #TeacherPoet community, spending time each week examing my own writing, the word play of others, and reflecting on the power of poetics.  This week our assignment is examine something small, looking for the particulars that capture a moment.  Our goal is to look for the surprising details, the puzzle pieces of a moment that bring a picture into focus.

This morning, after my little ones had gone off to preschool, I headed into their room to pick up the stray toys and strewn pajamas, and I stumbled across my little man's bunny, once so important to him that when he had to leave it behind, bunny would be carefully snuggled under a special blanket on his pillow.  This morning I found him on the floor near the foot of his bed.


for your fallen star
at arm’s length
a bit too far
to cling to its fading light.
Memories snuggled
in your warmth
feeling measured breath
against his ears each night
as you drifted sweetly
into dreams of
dinos and dump trucks.
But your arms and feet
stretch to meet
new dreams of
caped crusaders, building blocks,
learning letters,
while Nutbrown Hare
left lying there
looks up at me
arms spread wide
sad eyes
as if to say
“to the moon and back”
even when I have fallen
so far from your bed.
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