Thursday, March 10, 2016

Simply Incredible Week

It is Thursday, and the week isn't even over, but I'm confident in saying that this may just be one of my best weeks ever!

Please forgive this not-so-humble-but-totally-excited brag:

Sunday afternoon I received an email invitation from Fox News to attend and ask a question at the Democratic Town Hall hosted in Detroit. So on Monday afternoon, my husband and I hopped on the road to Detroit.

As we were driving, I learned that my classroom was one of the selected recipients of a 1:1 grant by the EdTechTeam. We have 36 Chromebooks on their way! I couldn't resist. I immediately texted my students when I found out.  When I returned to the classroom on Tuesday morning, the excitement was palatable.

Yesterday, a reporter from the Ionia Sentinel-Standard visited my class to do a story on how my students started an anti-bullying group at our school. I could not be prouder of the students who have spearheaded this initiative. Their worked stemmed from a project-based learning activity connected with our reading of The Crucible last semester. And although the project has long since been completed, the students are still working hard to address issues of bullying and promote kindness in our community. 

Today I am presenting with four of my students at the #‎MACUL16‬ conference in Grand Rapids.  Together with Brad Wilson of, we are sharing how writing for authentic purposes and audiences changes how emerging writers engage with the process of writing. And of course, I needed to take my student presenters out for Philly cheese steaks as a way to say thanks!

Not sure what I did to deserve so many blessings, but I am certainly grateful!


Joanne said...

Very nice! Sounds like lots of great learning for students by a great teacher! Congrats!

elsie said...

What a joyful week! You aren't bragging, just stating the facts. Congratulations on every bit!

Anonymous said...

An amazing week you've had! Congratulations on all of it.

Ashley Brown said...

What a wonderful week, but not just for you, for your students as well. Think about all the world experience wrapped up in those few days. Kudos to you!

Book Mama said...

Hooray for happy things! I like me a good sob story, but it was great to read about your week--one great thing after another. Hope you're able to savor it as you move into the weekend and the weeks ahead. Congrats!

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