Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Meeting Aaron Sams

This past Saturday, I attended a workshop with Aaron Sams, one of the innovators who started the Flipped Learning movement. What a great opportunity to meet educators from the area in various stages of their flipped journey. I had an opportunity to meet with an AP chemistry teacher, a new fifth grade teacher, and a veteran teacher of middle school math - all interested in thinking about how to better engage and connect their students by making the focus of time spent in the classroom on higher order thinking skills.  As Sams pointed out in his opening remarks, it really doesn't matter if we call it "flipped classroom" or "flipped learning" or "flipped instruction"; there is no one definition for what flipping is or one correct way to do it. Instead, the idea of flipping is to leverage the opportunities that technology affords us in order to make our classrooms spaces of student-driven learning with the teacher playing the role of coach, facilitator, and mentor while students engage in the work of learning. For some teachers this will include creating videos for students to watch at home. Other teachers may ask students to watch professionally created videos. And still other teachers might use blogs or websites to introduce students to their more didactic lessons. Whichever approach a teacher uses, those interested in the flipped or blended approach are those that are interested in using class time to connect, collaborate, and create with students.

There was only one small part of meeting Aaron that disappointed me...forgetting my copy of Flip Your Classroom which I was hoping to have him sign!

Interested in learning more about what it means to flip? Here's a little introduction I put together:

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