Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Share Alike

With two young boys, it is the word that I find myself repeating (sometimes shouting) more times than I can count each day - share!  It is one of the most important lessons that as parents we hope that our children learn early and practice often throughout their lives. It is also the lesson that as teachers, whether you work with kindergarteners or university students, you hope your students have retained.  Share your thinking. Share your reflections. Share your mistakes. Share your resources. Share. So as I have been putting together my lesson plans for my PA Writing and Literature Project course next week on Writing with 2.0 Technologies, I have been thinking about the best ways not only to share the my resources, but also how to engage other teachers in thinking about how we share resources and information with our students.

Below you will find a LiveBinder of resources that I put together to help introduce teachers not simply to online bookmarking, but to how sites like LiveBinders, Evernote, and others can be used to collaborate with students. Online bookmarking sites are fantastic tools for curating information with students, not simply for them.  

Take a peek!  I would love your feedback.

Photo by Carlos Maya

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