Sunday, April 11, 2010

Interesting Links for Teaching the Holocaust

  • Classroom Resources for Teaching Night: I put this list of resources together for my students and fellow teachers. It includes a number of resources specific to the Philadelphia area as well as a number of excellent national sources. There are enrichment reading pieces and extra credit assignments.
  • Music of the Holocaust: Music of the Ghettos and Camps. Although the inhabitants were incarcerated, music was composed and performed giving voice to the indomitable human spirit within the ghettos and camps. Most cruelly, the large camps had orchestras and bands who were forced to play while their families, friends and neighbors were selected for death then sent to the gas chambers or firing squads.
  • Holocaust Related Music: This Hebrew song, written in the twelfth century, is by Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides, who was a great religious philosopher. His Talmudic Psalm Number Twelve from The Articles of Faith entitled "Ani Ma'amin" (I Believe) was later sung by many Jews during the Holocaust, even as they entered the gas chambers. Maimonides' descendants clung to his words for hope for the future and for humankind.
  • Fragments of a Lost World
    Holocaust Resources and Organizations in the Philadelphia Region
    Courtesy of:
    Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education
    Seidman Educational Resource Center
    7607 Old York Road, Melrose Park, PA 19027

  • Holocaust Resources for Teachers: A wealth of resources for teachers!

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