Thursday, January 28, 2010

Google Goodies

  • googleined - home
    Google More... An Introduction to Google Tools in Education Google provides much more than just a web search engine; they offer a wide variety of free web-based and desktop applications. This wiki was created to support a workshop that introduces participants to many of these services that may be useful to teachers and students. Please feel free to add to these resources by clicking on "Edit This Page" above.
  • Reframing Google's search options - NeverEndingSearch - Blog on School Library Journal
    Over the past couple of years, those brilliant Google engineers designed stunning search options, moving Google search way, way beyond an effective, but relatively unflexible vertical search. And over the past couple of years I've been pasting links to all these options into my subject pathfinders so my students can find them. The problem is--so many of the very best search options are buried in the vast Google wilderness of labs, or in the wonderful pulldowns of more and even more--places where few but our most intrepid students and teachers dare to go.
  • springfieldlibrary - Google Search Options
    Google Tools
  • Kiva - Kiva Lending Team: Team Google Certified Teachers

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