Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Interesting Links

Links for 2009-03-27 []

  • Google Voice
    Just saw this on TED Talk podcast - sync all your phone numbers so that when a person calls you, it rings all your phones. Previously called Grand Central, Google bought this service and is offering it (soon) as Google Voice.
  • VoiceThread-Educator's Guide
    A friendly introduction to using VoiceThread written by an educator with educators in mind. This guide will introduce you to the basic VoiceThread interface and take you through the simple steps involved with creating VoiceThread.
  • cristama's interwriteboard Bookmarks on Delicious
    A wonderful set of links for using interactive whiteboards.
  • Sunday Forum: In defense of the classics
    Recently, a fellow English teacher, Nancy Schnog of The McLean School in suburban Washington, D.C., published a Washington Post op-ed wherein she argues, "All too often, it's English teachers ... who close down teen interest in reading." Ms. Schnog marshals battalions of evidence: student after devastated student whose wholesome love of reading was defiled by some out-of-touch English schoolmarm bent on analyzing "The Scarlet Letter" word for polysyllabic word.
  • Drop Classics; Replace w/High Interest? - English Companion
    we were discussing whether students should still be forced to read classics (like, say Frankenstein, so not THAT old)... Some have stated that students won't read them so we shouldn't bother. My concern is that education is not entertainment and that I feel students can discover the relevance of older novels and how humankind and the world change in some ways, but remain constant in so many others.
  • Videos - Ning Network Creators
    How-to screencasts for new Ning users.

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